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How Virtual Reality Can Benefit
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Virtual Reality (VR) has opened up a new world of business opportunities. Thanks to a dramatically improved availability of VR technology at lower cost than ever before, businesses are finding new ways to take full advantage of the possibilities VR has to offer in training environments.


Our white paper addresses the following questions: 

  • Why is VR particularly valuable for training purposes?
  • What are the financial advantages of using VR in training environments? 
  • How can an internal VR training platform be set up?

The white paper also includes a case study of E.ON subsidiary Avacon, which uses VR training to complement their on-site training efforts. Learn more about their plan to integrate VR into the regular training schedule and how decentralized HR trainings help to significantly reduce costs.  

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The VRdirect platform

The VRdirect platform is the easiest solution to create and publish Virtual Reality projects. There are no expert skills needed. Moreover, Virtual Reality projects created with VRdirect can be published instantly via any VR enabled device, smartphone or web-browser and you can update them easily and in real-time.