Virtual Reality for Company Training

In the field of training, the replication of realistic environments is crucial for the training success. Since Virtual Reality Training enables the user to experience and interact with real environments, Virtual Reality Training is a powerful and cost-efficient alternative to traditional Training, Onboarding or Training-on-the-job.

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How Virtual Reality Can Benefit Your Company Training and Operations

Virtual reality is one of the biggest and most anticipated current technology trends.

Many of the medium's special characteristics - such as its immersiveness - make VR particularly valuable in the areas of learning and training.
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Full immersion of VR increases memorability

VR replicates the sensual experience of a real life experience. Since a user actively participates in an experience memorability is significantly higher than with any other medium.


Location and time independent use of VR 

VR experiences are accessible anytime and anywhere. VR consumption can take place without the need for travelling, machine downtime or a human instructor/trainer. 

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VR makes trainings safer

VR provides a safe space for employees to practice their skills. With VR, employees can repeat trainings and critical situations as often as needed. 

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The following use cases show
how enterprises can use VR in training environments


Safety Trainings

Safety trainings are most efficient if they mimic real-life as realistically as possible. VR allows for the realistic depiction of working environments where the user can interactively discover and solve safety-relevant issues.


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Onboarding Process

Virtual reality offers new employees immersive experiences of their new workplace. Whether it's conveying the company's mission and vision or giving an orientation tour in the new work environment. Moreover, standardized VR onboardings can reduce the workload of HR managers.


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Sales Training

Train your staff virtually on the characteristic features of your product. Highlight the USPs and add additional information such as text boxes, sound and 2D videos or photos to explain your product further.

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The VRdirect App - A Browser for Virtual Reality Experiences


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The VRdirect App enables businesses to easily make their Virtual Reality projects available to end-users, employees or partners without having to develop their own app. VR projects can be accessed via keyword, code or link and be permanently stored in the VRdirect App with just one click. Thus, a personalized Virtual Reality library can be created in no time.

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